EnerLogic 35 Window Film Claims

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EnerLogic 35 Window Film Claims

Claim 1: Other window film technologies can help you save energy. But because EnerLogic window film’s patent-pending coating delivers excellent energy efficiency in every season, no other film can match its annual dollar or energy consumption savings.

Unlike solar-control-only films, low-e films such as EnerLogic window film provide for both summer and winter savings. Therefore, low-e films typically produce the greatest overall annual savings when comparing films with similar solar-control properties.

Claim 2: EnerLogic window film is a low-cost, high-return technology that compares favorably to other popular energy-saving measures both in terms of energy efficiency and cost savings. In fact, EnerLogic window film typically outperforms most of the alternatives in terms of simple payback.

Claim 3: EnerLogic window film provides unparalleled glass insulating capabilities- no other window film even comes close. EnerLogic window film has the best insulating performance of any window film available. The insulating power of EnerLogic window film gives single-pane windows the insulating performance of double-pane windows- and gives double-pane windows triple-pane insulating performance.

SOLARWORKS Glass Tinting stands behind their quality Atlanta window tinting products and knows you made the best choice in choosing EnerLogic window films.


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